Student Blogging Challenge #1

For the first student challenge we were supposed to do a post recommending three blogs. You can find the first challenge here.

1. The first blog I am going to recommend is Perfect Nyan Cats. This blog may not have great quality in post But is makes it up in a great header.

2. The second blog I would recommend is Jonathon’s Blog. I think his blog is good because his posts are quality.

3.The third and final blog I would like to recommend is Max’s Blog. His posts are almost always a good quality and he posts often.

Hope you like them.


Edited By: Griffin and Tommy

5 thoughts on “Student Blogging Challenge #1

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  2. Hi Jack.
    Thank you for helping me with my avatar. You explained it very well. I am doing a different blogging challenge where we create a page about ourselves.
    Can you tell me what your heritage project is about?

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