Doors are a gateway to another world if your going to another room or stepping off a plane. This about a particular kind of door. A fairy door to be exact. This door one of the many that exist in the forests of the world. This door is one of the hardest to find as it leads to limitless power and with limitless power you can get anything. This door was well sought after. Many fairy and human kind alike have died on their search for this door. No one has ever seen the inside so some have dismissed it as a lie or rumor. You can only fantasize what you might see…


Rotation. This picture was done by Escher a artist who used rotation in his art. If you look at the picture both colors of lizard the have been rotated 180° degrees. This was made by rotating the noses around each other.






This one is made of shape blocks. The tiles rotate around the center



 Fractals are a combonation of shapes that keep repeating no mater how far you zoom in. This fractal come from this Site. Fractals are actully a form of math because you have to calculate the dimensions.

I am going to tell you how to make a sierpinski triangle.

This picture shows pretty well how to make a sierpinski triangle. Color in a large triangle. Then from the midpoints erase the middle triangle and so on.

Student Blogging Challenge #1

For the first student challenge we were supposed to do a post recommending three blogs. You can find the first challenge here.

1. The first blog I am going to recommend is Perfect Nyan Cats. This blog may not have great quality in post But is makes it up in a great header.

2. The second blog I would recommend is Jonathon’s Blog. I think his blog is good because his posts are quality.

3.The third and final blog I would like to recommend is Max’s Blog. His posts are almost always a good quality and he posts often.

Hope you like them.


Edited By: Griffin and Tommy

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity. I am still freaked out from watching that and I watched it four months ago. First, just after you watch it you think “oh that wasn’t that scary”. Then a few weeks later you start hearing these noises. That’s when you start getting paranoid. I wouldn’t watch this movie alone as it can be very nerve racking.

The basic story of this movie is that Katie and Micah have just moved into a new house and they suspect that a demon is following them and they try to catch it. A week or so later they began to really suspect that something paranormal is going on. In the next few night following it becomes increasingly disturbing. Near the end, the nights become increasingly physical,  at one time Katie being dragged down the stairs.

Also in the first movie they find a burnt picture of Katie when she was little. This picture is actually the one that in the second movie they tried to burn. In fact Paranormal Activity 2 caused number one. I’ll leave it to you to figure out that one.


Edited by: Kyle and Max

Looking Back

Looking back on the whole YE experience I think I enjoyed it a lot though it wasn’t quite as fun as last year as I have done it before.

I think what would have made it better would if we had more time like last year. Like last year we had 3 whole weeks to make all of our product. I gotta though if you want to sell out then choose slime. Slime is a great seller when it comes to the fair. I think I also earned a good amount of money.

When we actually got to selling on the fair day my business started out quite slow and I was getting worried. About half way through I started to make a lot more sales. In the end I had seven bookmarks left.

I think that when I get being an entrepreneur is not right for me. But if I did have a business then I would be making chocolate. I think that it is great for business.

YE Baffling Bookmarks

I am taking part in the Young Entrepreneur Fair again. For the second time I will be making a business plan, paying back my loan, all over again. YE is a program to teach kids about running a business. This time I will be selling bookmarks. Yeah, it seems pretty lame but its not bad. You can see what the bookmarks actually looks like in the picture as is sort of hard to explain. I would be great if you could fill out my survey.